PLEASE NOTE: Certificates are issued through the month of the closing date. This may require pre-payment of your condo fees based on your closing date. Unless clear funds are provided, payments require at least five days for processing. Units enrolled in Direct Payment should pre-pay their condo fee if the closing is scheduled before or around the 10th of the month. Any accounts with a balance must pay in clear funds (certified bank check or money order) before the release of the 6(d) Certificate.

To request your 6(d) Certificate you must complete two steps. First, fill out the form below AND then submit payment for the applicable fee amount(s) on the following page. The charge for each 6(d) Certificate requested is $150.

Your 6(d) Certificate will be processed and released within 10 days of receipt of request form and payment, at first available completion. Certificates cannot be held longer than 10 days for future closing dates. Due to the high volume of requests, all 6(d) Certificates begin processing in the order they are received. You may select Rush Service* for an additional fee of $50 on the following page. Please note that Rush orders are also processed in the order they are received.

*Rush Service applies to processing time, not expedited mail service. Expedited mail delivery ($35) may be selected below and added in the payment screen. It is important to note that processing is subject to variables such as Unit account standing, move policies, and other property-based specifics. These variables can impact your Rush Service. Adding Rush Service to your request reduces processing time to 2 business days once your property-based specific variables are met.

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*For Sales Only - Please note that if you are enrolled in Direct Payment, we will remove all banking information after the release of the certificate.
**Complimentary Update Requests must be made within 15 days of the original release.

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By checking this box, you signify you have reviewed and understand that 6(d) Certificate Requests for unit sales will result in the removal of your banking information. If for any reason the closing is delayed and/or cancelled, you will be responsible for submitting any applicable payments or re-enrolling in Direct Payment in a timely fashion.

By checking this box, you signify you have reviewed and understand the processing protocol for 6(d) Certificates.