Premier’s mission is to recruit, hire and retain the best qualified and most diverse workforce possible. We are committed to providing, to the greatest extent possible, the resources and support employees need to perform their job duties effectively and efficiently. We strive to establish and maintain a productive, mutually rewarding relationship.

Each year there is a comprehensive audit of all files, procedures, benefits and payroll administration for both corporate and association employees. We have forged new relationships and reinforced existing ones with benefit administrators to make the best of our available resources. We've worked together to foster our team environment with birthday celebrations, office lunches, holiday gatherings, fun company activities and community outreach events.

We will continue to evaluate our benefits and ensure that our employees feel guided, protected and nurtured as they work through their career and life paths. We will remain flexible with our internal and external operations in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our company, employees and clients. We are always searching for qualified applicants; please feel free to refer potential candidates.

Resumes and references will be accepted via email at [email protected]. We are currently accepting resumes and references for the following open positions:

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